Property syndication is an investment option which enables cashed-up investors to invest directly into a property purchase that they could not afford on their own, taking their investment capacity to the next level. The benefit to the client is that they have the opportunity to enjoy returns that they wouldn't necessarily be able to achieve with their investment input alone. It is also pertinent to mention that sometimes the higher yields come hand and hand with higher risk.

• Suited to sophisticated investors with a typical starting point of $50,000 to $100,000 but may go significantly higher.
• Medium to long-term investment – money tied up for five to ten years.
• Share both the profit and the risk with other investors.
• Syndicated investments can be made in all types of property, most commonly commercial property such as office buildings or shopping centres, as well as retirement villages.
• Low administration, entry and exist costs facilitate higher returns than many other types of property investment.

We can identify excellent opportunities and bring investors together to facilitate all manner of syndicated property deals, with professional management of the investment.


  • Your persistance in searching for a property that fitted our criteria was impressive...we could not have achieved this great result without you.
    Grant Taylor
  • We look to GPG for property acquisition, asset management and astute market insight.
    Wayne Lear
  • From initial stategic advice through to the tailored marketing program onto completion of the sale ... the entire experience was flawless.
    Emma Barry
  • In our experience your expertise, tenacity and negotiation skills are second to none. The sale price acheived was well above our expectations.
    Tim Phillips