Corporate Services

Our corporate consultancy service is designed to provide our clients with market-leading information and insight to maximise their company's potential, minimise risk and exploit emerging opportunities.

Our distinct point of difference is that we take a particularly hands-on approach, getting heavily involved in the implementation of our strategy to ensure the project is completed expertly, right through to the end. We consult to a wide range of companies recommending clever strategies to optimise an existing asset's potential, develop new property, acquire land or optimise their budget.

Environmental sustainability
We are particularly conscious of leading the way when it comes to environmental considerations in the property arena. We utilise a number of energy rating services including NABERS and the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) to investigate the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of properties and then offer strategies for improvement. These ratings services are instrumental in developing a sustainable property industry by encouraging the adoption of green building and design practices, maximising energy and water efficiency and promoting revolutionary new technologies.


  • We look to GPG for property acquisition, asset management and astute market insight.
    Wayne Lear
  • Our company has leased through GPG for many years and have always found their staff friendly, helpful and extremely efficient.
    Peter Bui
  • Exceptional honesty and integrity. ongoing communication and feedback.
    Kevin Kilraine
  • Conducted the entire process in an extremely professional manner... the end result was well in excess of our best expectations.
    Joe Dwyer